Responsible and Reproducible Research

Modeling Parkinson’s disease in midbrain-like organoids#

Please cite the article on NPJ Parkinson’s disease.

Lisa M Smits, Lydia Reinhardt, Peter Reinhardt, Michael Glatza, Anna S Monzel, Nacny Stanslowsky, Marcelo D Rosato-Siri, Alessandra Zanon, Paul M Antony, Jessica Bellmann, Sarah M Nicklas, Kathrin Hemmer, Xiaobing Qing, Emanuel Berger, Norman Kalmbach, Marc Ehrlich, Silvia Bolognin, Andrew A Hicks, Florian Wegner, Jared L. Sterneckert* & Jens C Schwamborn*

Raw data#

The complete Dataset is available on LCSB File Storage.

Source code#

The source code used to make the publication is available on Gitlab where you can traceback what have been done by the authors.

Microarray data#

Data is accessible through NCBI GEO website.